kwak logodeus

“Oyster, scallop, artichoke chips,
mandarin granita, orange trout caviar”


  • - 4 oysters (e.g. fine de claires)
  • - 1 cucumber
  • - 4 scallops
  • - 100 g Jerusalem artichoke
  • - 200 ml water
  • - 10 g sugar
  • - 300 ml mandarin juice
  • - 200 ml Deus Brut de Flandres
  • - Citra leaves for garnishing


Make the granita first. Heat the sugar in the water until fully dissolved. Mix with the mandarin juice and Deus. Put in a tray in the freezer and mix every 15 minutes with a fork so as to obtain a nice granita. Cut the cucumber in slices and roll them up.
Open the oysters and pour away the oyster juice. Cut the Jerusalem artichoke in very fine slices using a mandolin and deep-fry them in oil of 175°C. Drain off excess fat.
Sear the scallops shortly on both sides.
Plate up all ingredients as you like and finish off with citra leaves or other herbs with an acid touch and some trout caviar.
Serve with a Deus Brut de Flandres. Deus is the ideal aperitif. Oysters complemented with soft acids fit perfectly well with it. The Jerusalem artichoke ensures a crispy and at the same time slightly earthy finishing of the dish.

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