kwak logodeus

“DeuS with marinated Seabass
chicory and lamb’s lettuce”


  • - 4 pieces of Seabass (100 g each) with skin
  • - 50 ml Kriek beer vinegar
  • - 100 ml dashi 1
  • - 4 tablespoons mirin 2
  • - 20 chicory leaves
  • - 20 lamb’s lettuce leaves
  • - salt and pepper

  • 1 Japanese bouillon, available in Asian supermarkets.
  • 2 Japanese sweet rice wine, available in Asian supermarkets.


Mix the vinegar with the dashi and mirin. Bring to a boil. Pour the boiling mixture over the Seabass and allow the fish to cool off in the liquid. Season the fish with pepper and salt then place it on the plates. Garnish with lamb’s lettuce and chicory. Serve with some of the marinade.

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